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Allergy Advisory: Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.

All our dishes are cooked to order. If for any reason you cannot eat certain ingredients such as cornstarch, oil, sugar, or hot and spicy sauce, please let us know when ordering.

All recipes requiring cooking oil are prepared with 100% vegetable oil.

Items are Hot and Spicy. Ask for mild, medium or very hot.

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Catering Menu

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Serving Size S M L
Serves (# of People) 10 - 15 15 - 20 20 - 30
Vegetarian Spring Rolls27.0035.5054.00
Egg Rolls30.0040.5060.00
Boneless Spareribs26.0039.0052.00
Peking Raviolis12.5017.0025.00
Chicken Wings13.5018.0027.00
Spicy Chicken Wings*15.5020.5031.00
Chicken Fingers15.0020.0030.00
Crab Rangoon22.0029.5044.00
Scallion Pancake15.5019.0031.00
Beef Teriyaki22.0030.0044.00
Vegetable Tempura20.5031.0041.00
Beef & Pork
Szechuan Spicy Beef w/ Peanuts*37.0055.5074.00
Beef w/ Broccoli37.0055.5074.00
Beef w/ Vegetables37.0055.5074.00
Pepper Steak37.0055.5074.00
Beef w/ Snow Peas & Mushroom37.0055.5074.00
Hunan Sliced Pork*34.0051.0068.00
Chung King Twice Cooked Pork*34.0051.0068.00
Mandarin Crispy Shrimp*49.0073.0096.00
Shrimp w/ Broccoli44.0066.0088.00
Shrimp w/ Vegetables44.0066.0088.00
Yu Hsiang Shrimp*44.0066.0088.00
Ginger & Scallion Shrimp*49.0073.0096.00
General Gau's Chicken*37.0055.5074.00
Sesame Chicken38.0057.0076.00
Lemon Chicken39.0058.5078.00
Sliced Chicken w/ Vegetables34.0051.0068.00
Sweet & Sour Chicken34.0051.0068.00
Sliced Chicken w/ Broccoli34.0051.0068.00
Szechuan Chicken w/ Peanuts*34.0051.0068.00
Chicken w/ Cashew Nuts34.0051.0068.00
Yu Hsiang Chicken in Garlic Sauce*34.0051.0068.00
Chicken w/ Black Bean Sauce*34.0051.0068.00
Healthy Choice
Steamed Vegetarian's Delight31.0046.0061.00
Steamed Chicken & Vegetables33.0049.0065.00
Vegetarian's Delight30.0045.0060.00
Tangy & Spicy Green Beans*30.0045.0060.00
Szechuan Style Bean Curd*30.0045.0060.00
Yu Hsiang Broccoli & Mushroom*30.0045.0060.00
Noodles & Rice
Fried Rice24.0036.0048.00
Basil Fried Rice*34.0051.0068.00
House Special Fried Rice27.0040.5054.00
Steamed White Rice9.0013.5018.00
Steamed Brown Rice18.0027.0036.00
Lo Mein26.0039.0052.00

* Hot & Spicy
(These items can also be prepared non spicy)

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